Certificates for goods and services in the Gortest center

Your company manufactures or provides goods or services which require certification. You have not enough time or experience to prepare all documents by yourself. The GOST R Certificate of Conformity, The Declaration of GOST R; The Letter of Exemption; The Certificate of the state registration; The Fire Certificate of Conformity; The Permission License to import or export waste and harmful substances; technical conditions and specifications… You don’t know which of these documents should be issued on your goods and how to do it correctly.

Call the certification center “Gortest” and we will help you! The staff of our company has long-term experience of interaction with leading certification authorities in the Russian Federation that allows us to prepare the permissive documents of any orientation in short terms. “Gortest” is the accredited center for certification. It means that:

  • you will be able to receive the competent and detailed answer to any question related to the confirmation of quality and safety of goods and services;
  • all documents issued by our company are official and valid throughout all territory of the Russian Federation and in certain cases even abroad;
  • you do not have to spend energy for preparation of documents and giving them to the authorities that will considerably reduce your required time and help to be engaged in production sale directly.

Often clients of our certification center need registration of the Certificate of conformity of GOST R, the Fire Certificate, the Declaration of Conformity and Certificates of the state registration.

The Certificate of Conformity of GOST R is issued for production which has to be certified in the system of GOST R. Besides, confirmation of quality and safety can be made both on obligatory and voluntary basis. Depending on a type of production and a kind of certification, the staff of the certification center “Gortest” will ask you to provide certain documents and data, make selection of products and their test, fill necessary forms in and prepare papers for sending to certification authority.

The certificate (translated from the French sertificat and from Medieval Latin certifico – I certify) – 1) the government obligation of financial character; 2) The certificate of conformity – represents the document containing conditions of conformity and contract which can replace the insurance policy; 3) the saving certificate which is a bank certificate on a contribution of funds of the monetary character, certifying the investor about their rights on receiving the full sum of a contribution with percents in a bank or in any its branch after an established period; 4) the document certifying quality of goods and compliance to standards of GOST.

The Declaration of Conformity is the analog of the obligatory certificate of GOST R. It is given for those goods for which certification is legislatively fixed in a declaring form. You can receive the list of such goods from the staff of the Gortest company or independently, having studied the last Government resolution No. 982. As well as in the case with GOST R Certificate, the staff of our center will help you to carry out tests of goods and to prepare all documents required for registration of the declaration in certification agencies.

The Fire Certificate of Conformity is issued in a case if the production is a subject of obligatory certification in the system of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Specialists of the certification center “Gortest” are ready to carry out the fire tests of production for you and also to help in getting the certificate of GOST R. Registration of fire documents is impossible without it.

The Certificate of state registration is a document which replaces the sanitary and epidemiologic conclusion since the Russian Federation entered into the Customs Union. It is made out in the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Human Welfare and confirms safety of production from the point of sanitary and hygienic standards. The staff of our certification center will help you to receive the Certificate or to renew the conclusion of Sanitary and Epidemiological Service on the production with pleasure so that you could distribute it on the territories of the Russian Federation and other countries – members of the Customs Union.

If you have questions concerning certification of production of any kind or you wish to make a request for registration of allowing documentation for the goods or services, address us. For your convenience representatives of the “Gortest” work in the largest Russian cities, namely Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don. Our employees will be glad to provide you with the professional assistance in-person, by phone or by mail.